Logic NETWorks Vol 2

Logic NETWorks vol 2 is the second compilation of music written, performed and mastered by members of the international Internet Logic Users Group.

Volume 1 is still available in limited quantities. Order Vol 2 and get Vol 1 for only US$ 5 / Euro 5!

Graphic design of sleeve and CD print by Creagraphy used here with permission.

Logic NETWorks vol 2 is a 2-CD set. CD1 also features a CDROM section, on which the liner notes and biographies of the artists (when supplied by them) are to be found.

All audio examples are 1 minute excerpts in MP3 format. You can use the RealPlayer to listen to them. Because of space constraints, previews are available for some of the tracks only. I made sure the selected previews give a good overview of the wide variety of styles on these CD's.

CD 1:

Eli Krantzberg Tweet Tweet 5:00
Ian Lindsay Zep Tepi 4:04
Jouko Sivusalo I LAW ya 3:24
Ian Mitchell In a lonely place 3:58
Ian MItchell Serious Girl 5:58
Armand Servaes Girl 4:52
Pete Church Your Ship's come in 3:39
Pete Church With this ring 3:41
Gary Foster Savannah Cats 3:52
Gary Foster Aegean Nights 4:00
Jukka Lauhalahti The Wrestler 3:53
Peter Lawrence Audio Alienation (So, Which Planet Did You Say You Were From?) 7:31
Andreas Indetzki Jubal 5:05
John Lang Sara's Tune 4:06
Dennis Gunn Crystal Palace 3:48
Barbosa 164TM 3:48

Total playing time (audio section) : 71:05

CD 2:

Felipe Molina Marginal (orchestral suite) 9:04 Sleeve
Howard Harawitz After many a summer 4:22
Howard Harawitz Bird in the sky 3:26
Thomas Hansen Skarbye Several very short commercial tunes 7:31
Willem van den Top Sports and Snow 2:55
Ernst de Moor Sticky Styles 6:53
Sumit Das Qaida 4:08
Andrew Fudge Mood 2:30
Andrew Fudge Snared up 2:12
Eric Cadesky The weight of absence (excerpt) 7:44
Len Sasso Music for Rock Organ, Prepared Piano and Boys Choir 4:15
Jos van Gemert Galim 3:28
Jos van Gemert Vagrancy 4:37
Chris Kirkham Dusk finds an Angel 6:21
Canine Arika 2:54

Total playing time: 72:46

Catalogue no: 99001/2

Price: Euro 25 / US$ 25 excl shipping

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