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Preview the CD (Volume 1)

Curious to what music is on this CD before you order it? To fulfill that curiosity, I have prepared some ShockWave Audio samples. Click on any song title to listen to it. I have prepared only a low-fi sound quality to make them audable via low-speed modems (14k4 etc)

Submittor's Name Submission Title  Click these buttons
Rens Newland About Groove Time  
Stuart W. Warren Evolution and Progression  
Fokke de Boer Logical Transform  
Stephen Bennett Harrison Ford  
John M. Zorko Aladdins Ball  
Finbar O´Hanlon Goliath  
Len Sasso minefer  
Morgan Fisher The Refresh Theme  
Eli Krantzberg The Dance In the Mirror  
Joseph Hoffman Tracer Jane  
Hardie J. Tucker Dube Station  

And how about the promised software?