My Hobbies

Well, after I made my hobby my company (i.e. music and sound), some of my hobbies have become profession. That does not mean I don't enjoy music, on the contrary! I still make music as an amateur, namely playing the piano (classical music) and singing in classical choirs. Actually, I sing in two of them: Collegium Utrecht, a chamber choir of some 24 members, and Projectkoor Utrecht, a large choir of 60 - 100 people (depending on the project at hand). A recording of this choir is for sale elsewhere on this site.

But, I also like to ride my recumbent bike, and to test-ride some I've never tried. Here is a small picture of my previous recumbent, a Flevo Bike:

On a separate page I have for you a bigger version of it, and one of the recumbent I rode before it, the Flevotrike. You can also find there a scan of the technical info about the bikes from the Flevo brochure.

Alas, due to too busy a life, I hardly rode my recumbent anymore, so I sold it in 1997. But I promised myself I'd buy another one when I don't have to bring the children to school anymore! That was the main reason for not using it: the kids cannot ride as fast as would be comfortable on the recumbent. As a result, I wouldn't be riding as straight as I should. So I stick to test-riding and renting them from time to time.

On June 11, 1997, I had the opportunity to test-ride a WindCheetah (pictures from the brochure):


This is really cool bike. Also because of the low seat, you get the impression you are going VERY fast, even if you don't :-)
OK, you do, it is a fast machine. I enjoyed the ride a lot, but the seat isn't my type. You sit/lay on your lower back, where there is virtually no flesh to absorb bumps and such. And since there is also no suspension..... Also that part of my body started to ache quite a bit after an hour or so!

Still: great fun! Oh, one more reason why I won't buy one: the price tag :-(


Then, in September 1999, I did a somewhat bigger test together with a collegue. An article about that test is available here, too (in Dutch only), and as a result, I bought a green Challenge Hurricane, which looks a bit like this:

You can get more info on recumbents from the International Human Powered Vehicle Association IHPVA, and browse their website for pictures. For Dutch visitors, the Dutch Recumbent site might be of interest.

Lately, I took up again an older hobby: flight simulators. After having used several of them, I am now using X-Plane, with which I am quite pleased. You can download a fully functional demo from the site of the publisher.

I joined a "virtual airline" called dESPair, and am enjoying the virtual company a lot!

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Fokke de Boer | Wed, Oct 11, 2006