About us

Sound/Net is a small company, which I run alone in my spare time. My daytime job is web content editor at MNP, a governmental institute on the Environment.

I like to do small-scale recordings of classical ensembles or soloists, to end up as a CD with limited edition, say 50 - 500 CD's. As I cannot afford a proper full-scale recording studio (see this picture!), I rely on recording on location (churches and such), for which I have bought the Powerbook and Digi002, with a portable DAT recorder as backup, condensor microphones and preamps. Mastering is done in ProTools.


I have recorded several choirs, with and without accompaniment, the Dutch Wind Ensemble (NBE), piano solo, a piano-viola duo, the Dutch salsa-band Rumbata, "world music" from Argentina and Ouzbekistan. Several of these recordings were done for the Dutch classical radio station "De Concertzender".

A full listing of my recordings, and the venues where I recorded them, can be found on a separate page.

I share my life with my wife and 3 children (a boy and 2 daughters).

A little time is left for some hobbies.

Yes, it is a busy life!

Business address:

Francois Mauriacweg 227
3731 BG De Bilt
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31)(0)30 8894503
Email: info@soundnet.nl